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Morning Report...

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From the beginnings of this Association we have made every effort to seek out and contact as many of the former members of the various units that made up the 281st AHC task force as humanly possible. These efforts, lead by Gary Stagman, have produced excellent results. We call these lists the Morning Report. Most of you remember the Morning Report as listing of unit members and their daily status that was provided to our higher Headquarters. Provided on this page is a link to a data file that contains a listing of former members who are present and accounted for.  The list is in alphabetical order by last name for your convenience.

Present and/or Accounted for as of February 2014

Through the efforts of Gary Stagman and Corky Corkran, a listing of names of former members of the 281st or its associated units has been put together to aid in the Association's search efforts. This list is being made available for you to search. If you find an individual on this list with whom you have contact or have information that would aid us in our search please notify Gary Stagman immediately. Gary will contact the former member and bring him up to speed on the Association and bring him into the fold. This list is very long and it is possible that some names listed may actually be on the found list. What little information we have is posted on the roster.  There are 740 Souls unaccounted for.

Unaccounted for  as of February 2012

Those Intruders who have died after becoming members of the 281st AHC Association are shown on the Master Roster in blue font.
The Died After Tour (DAT) Roster will not be maintained beyond the names it already contains.

Died After Tour as of February 2012

The 281st AHC Association has a very special classification of membership, Honorary.  Our Honorary Members include the wife or next of kin of our KIA/MIA or DAT members.  Click on the following link to view this roster.

Honorary Members  February 2014


If you are Present and Accounted for, and have supplied your contact information to Gary and would like to change that information or update it please use the following link. 

If you are not a member of the Association and are qualified to join please click on the following link for a Membership Application.  

Application Form 

To use the Membership Application click on the link above. It will open in the Adobe Reader. You can save it to your computer, print it out, fill in the blanks on the form and send it by snail-mail or email to Gary Stagman (cooter@charter.net)

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