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Denim & Twill Shirts...

The Denim (blue) and Twill (khaki) shirts are available in both long and short sleeve. The Twill shirts may be ordered in colors other than khaki. The basic embroidery included in the price of the shirt a patch and one line for a name or call sign. Additional embroidery costs extra.

Twill Short Sleeve  Twill Long Sleeve 
$40.00 S-XL
$42.00 XXL
$44.00 XXXL
$46.00 XXXXL 
$35.00 S-XL
$37.00 XXL
$39.00 XXXL
$41.00 XXXXL 
$40.00 S-XL
$42.00 XXL
$44.00 XXXL
$46.00 XXXXL 

denim & twill shirts
Denim & Twill


denim shirt
Denim Shirt

khaki twill
Khaki Twill

denim guidon
Denim Guidon - front


denim closeup
Denim Closeup

khaki twill closeup
khaki twill closeup

Denim with Guidon
Denim with Guidon - back

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