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Died after his tour on November 21, 1988

Joe Parnell
Major Donald Ruskauff presenting Joe with his bars
upon his receipt of a direct commission to 1st LT.

Joe served in the 281st AHC in 1967 as a Fire Team Leader in the Wolf Pack. He was an skilled pilot and great team leader who also served as the Admin Officer for the 281st. Following a tour in Germany Joe left the Army as a 1ST LT. He worked as a flight instructor in Colorado then joined Continental Airlines as a pilot. Joe died on November 21, 1988. His Mother Doris resides in Tijeras, NM and and his Father, Maj. Joseph F. Parnell Sr. USAF Ret. is living in a nursing home in Pueblo, NM.
From: Barc Boyd, Wolf Pack Platoon Leader in 1966
Joe came to me in '67. He had some college training in journalism, and was immediately given the job of writing awards and decorations. We set him up in a very small command tent with a field desk and light, and he was delighted to have the responsibility.

From: Joe Bilitzke [mailto:bilitzke@mindspring.com]
He was also the standardization IP for Wolf Pack. I took my initial check ride with Joe. A good guy and great pilot. Joe B.

June 26, 1950 - April 6, 1974

SSAN issued in Rhode Island

Died after his tour in March, 1984

Last known residence in Sebastian, Arkansas

April 11, 1947 - May 8, 2015

David served as a Bandit (1st Platoon) Crew Chief and door gunner in 1970. His obituary appeared in the Syracuse Post Standard from May 10 to May 12, 2015:

"David E. Peacock, age 68, resident of Richland, since 1975, formerly of Syracuse, passed away Friday at his home. David was born April 11, 1947 in Rochester, the son of Robert and Bernice Schmidt Peacock. He attended Syracuse Schools, and he served in the United States Army from 1966 until 1973. David married Elizabeth Scott on April 16, 1977 and she passed away July 18, 2013. He was employed at the Watertown Wal-Mart for the past three years, and he had previously been employed by Salisbury Fire Equipment in Tully for 10 years, and GM in Syracuse for 15 years. David was a member of the Richland Fire Department for over 30 years.
Surviving are one son, Eric Peacock of Richland; two daughters, Katrina Peacock and her companion Ramon Acevedo and Traci Babcock and her companion Chad Southwell all of Richland; two brothers, Robert and Ronald Peacock both of Syracuse; two sisters, Patricia Peacock of Syracuse and Arlene Jordan of Constantia; and seven grandchildren, Kaitlynn, Jordan, Dillon, Kiara, Xavier, Zackery, and Summer.
Funeral services will be held at the convenience of the family. Arrangements by Foster-Hax Funeral Home, 52 Park Street, Pulaski."

Died after his tour on May 12, 2011

Fang and Wolf Pack Gunner
Wolf Pack Assistant Platoon Sergeant
August, 1965 - March 1968



Bill passed away on May 12, 2011 at his home in Jasper, Tennessee after a prolonged battle with cancer. Bill was one of the longest serving Intruders having arrived in Vietnam to join the 6th Aviation Platoon which was merged into the 281st AHC when it arrived into country. Bill is survived by his wife Rhonda.

From: John Hyatt
Sent: Thursday, May 12, 2011
To: hq_281ahc@yahoogroups.com

Sad news. Bill Perren passed away this morning. I spoke with Rhonda a few minutes ago. She is doing as well as can be expected. No arrangements at this time.

Bill was one of the first Fangs I met when I joined the 6th Platoon in October 1965. I flew his aircraft a lot during the year I was there. Bill served in the 6th Platoon and 281st for almost 3 years.

He was a trooper.


From: Earl Broussard
Sent: Monday, May 16, 2011

My bird had a hot tube on the left side and armament had worked on it and pronounced it repaired. Bill and I installed the pods back on the bird, went through a couple of cycles with the switch. We tested the tube that fired when the arming switch was placed in the on position with a volt meter, when we cycled the switch we got no indication that a rocket would fire by just cycling the switch. We loaded the tubes with rockets except the two top tubes on a 7 shot pod, it was a rush thing.

Bill and I moved my bird "553" out of the revetment and moved it to near compass rows to bore sight the rocket pods. We had sighted in the right pod in and we were in the process of sighting in the left pod when Bill decided to test the switch again and boy howdy, a rocket left the still hot tube in a hurry. I had set the bore sight on the right shoulder of Budda and true to course it hit and knocked a chunck out of Budda. There were a couple of Wolf Pack guys working their ships near the end of the flight line and they came running to help us get it back to the revetment. We were all in turbo getting the bird parked and the tug moved back to it's place by the maintenance hanger in record time. Budda was about a mile away, we sighted in on Budda's core, center mass with a spread of about 15 meters. This was all guestimation but I'll trust my memory with some degree of certain. Bill and rest us were sitting around like MONKEYS, See Nothing, Hear Nothing, Who Me, and the rest Boy I Haven't a Clue.

Bill I still laughed about this some 40 years later when we met for the first time in 2004 in Houston. I'll always remember Bill as my brother and we almost were. Bill was supposed to come home to Holmwood, La. to stay with my parents until he could get his feet on the ground. My folks were happy to help him out after he got out of the Army. Bill felt that he had no one to go home to so we worked something out. Instead he never showed up and according to Emanuel Jackson he visited him in New Orleans and I'll let Emanuel tell you'll that story.

Bill was a Kind and Good MAN. He'll never be dead in my MEMORY

Earl J Broussard
Wolf Pack
CE A/C 553


DAT: 23 March 2008

Terry Peterman

MOUNTAIN HOME IDAHO- Terrell "Terry" Kenton Peterman, 57, of Mountain Home, passed away peacefully into the presence of his Lord on Resurrection Sunday, March 23, 2008, while at home with family after a brave two-year battle with brain tumors.

Terry's deep faith in God sustained him throughout this difficult time. He taught us all that death is not to be feared when we are safe in the hands of God. Terry was born to Kenton H. Peterman and Ruth Jerome Peterman on May 9, 1950, in Nampa. He grew up working on dairy farms in Star, Kuna, Meridian and Middleton with his family until he graduated from Middleton High School in 1969. He then entered the U.S. Army, where he served with the 281st AHC as a chief warrant officer during the Vietnam War. Terry flew both gunships and troop-carrying helicopters throughout Vietnam and as part of the military's secret Lam Son Mission into Laos. Terry received commendations for his performance and was awarded two Purple Hearts during his military service.

Terry partnered with his father, Kenton, and brother, Jerry, in their Peterman Farms agribusiness operation in Mountain Home for the past 34 years. During this time, he used his helicopter experience in crop dusting. Later, he enjoyed operating the large baler harvesting alfalfa. He and his wife, Debbie, spent many dating hours on the baler. Then he had a passion for planting corn and watching it grow. He was well known as a man of integrity as well as one with a keen sense of humor. Terry appreciated the fellowship and support of his church family, especially his Bible study group, at Mountain Home Church of the Nazarene.

Terry is survived by his loving wife of almost seven years, Debbie; sons, Dan Peterman of Boise and Ben (Julie) Peterman of Mountain Home; his mother, Ruth Jerome Peterman; sisters, Kaye (Jim) Black and Susan Conley, all of Tampa, Fla.; his sister, Paula (Alton) Huyser of Shoshone; his brother, Jerome "Jerry" (Tresa) Peterman of Mountain Home and his beloved grandchildren, Makayla and Trevor Carothers, Alyssa Rodriguez and Olivia Farfan. Terry was preceded in death by his father, Kenton, in 1997.

February 9, 1944 - August 23, 2008

Died in Dunedin, Pinellas County, Florida at age 64; SSAN issued in Florida

January 11, 1949 - October 15, 1989

SSAN issued in NY. Death due to Cancer

August 4, 1947 - 4 January 1999

From Bob Mitchell

Jim Minoque had contact with Mike in 1998 and had heard that he had cancer. He and I tried to locate Mike during 1999, but were unsuccessful. We didn't have the SSN then. I found the number on the Social Security Death Index along with his name. I am very sorry to have missed making contact with him. Mike, Ron Lesonik and I were room-mates in the SF building near the perimeter fence. We built the room in mid 1969 from borrowed (stolen) materials from the USAF and 5th SFG. We were all great friends back then. Mike was a Bandit Pilot who extended his tour to fly for Wolf Pack. He was a great pilot and a Great American.- Bob Mitchell

From Mike Johnson

I was deeply shocked when I read about Mike Phipps death. I have tried to contact him more than a couple of times over the years but with no success, and for this I will always be sorry. I just wanted to say Thanks! Mike was one of the best pilots I ever knew and I credit him in no small way for my survival. He gave me my initial check ride for transition to Guns. He took me under his wing and taught me things I didn't believe were possible with a Huey. His call sign was Wolfpack 34 and I was proud to inherit it when he left country. I will miss him, even though the last time I saw him was over 30 years ago. This one is hard to take. - Mike Johnson

Wolf Pack Crew Chief 1969 – 70

Doug Powell 1

Douglas T. (Dug) Powell of Wilcox, AZ died Nov. 15, 2012 at the age of 69. He was born in Wilcox on Nov. 17, 1942 to Terrell Douglas and Lola Fay (Logan) Powell. Douglas served in the 281st Assault Helicopter Company as a Door Gunner in the Wolf Pack. During his tour in Vietnam he received four air medals and the Purple Heart. Dug was a retired machinist for Levers Brothers in California. He came back to Arizona in 1997, attended First Baptist Church in Wilcox, and was a member of the VFW and NRA. Survivors include his mother Lola Logan Powell of Wilcox; his children Kirk D. (Sophie) Powell of Gardnerville, Nev., Vincent A. Powell of Wilcox and Christyne E. (Josh) Hammitte of Spartanburg, S.C. He shall not be forgotten.

Doug Powell 2
Doug at Home

October 4, 1930 - June 27,1988

Born October 4, 1930. Earl Powell was 67 years old. The last known place of residence was 46236 Indianapolis, Marion, IN.
Source: G. Stagman & Social Security Administration.

July 7, 1941 - 5 July 1994
SSAN issued in Pennsylvania.

From Gary Stagman

Robert, a 76T20 Tech Supply Specialist, was promoted to E5 on 10th BN SO 309 dated 16 Nov 68. He was a professional; it didn't make any difference if a aircraft part left the 483rd TC Tech supply, you can bet a proper request was submitted to get the part. This assured everyone that if the card deck said there was a part in the slot, you could guarantee it was there. He was one heck of a good by-the-book tech supply man who worked for me in mid 68. - Gary Stagman, Maint. NCO


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