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Specialist Fourth Class, Combat Aviation Door Gunner
281st Assault Helicopter Company
From: New Orleans, Louisiana
Born: November 6, 1945
Tour of duty began on January 22th, 1966.
Died on December 2nd, 1966; helicopter shot down in Laos.

1stAB Army Aviator

guidon ribbons

Specialist Fourth Class (SP/4-E-4) Lee Joseph Boudreaux, Jr. a 31 year old Intruder from New Orleans, Louisiana was serving as the Door Gunner with the crew of UH-1D 65-1088 which was performing a Special Operations rescue mission Under the command of WO Daniel Sulander. WO Donald Harrison was the pilot and SP4 William Bodzick was the Crew Chief. The crew was engaged by a hostile ground force resulting in their aircraft being shot down.

SP/4 Lee Joseph Boudreaux joined the 281st AHC on January 22, 1966, after having served six months as a Military Policeman in South Vietnam. Before joining the 281st, Lee spent Christmas with his family in New Orleans, Louisiana. According to his father, Lee would not have extended his assignment if he had not received a door gunner assignment. Lee initially enlisted in the Army in 1955 and served in the Paratroopers in Japan. He was separated from the army in 1958 and returned home to become a New Orleans Police Officer. He reentered the Army in December of 1965 and was trained as a Military Policeman at Ft. Gordon, Georgia. He was then assigned to Vietnam as an MP.

John Mott, a fellow soldier, posted this note:
Lee was stationed in my squad with the 630th MP Company Vietnam in 1966. He had been in the Army from 1955-58 and prior to his second enlistment was a Policeman in New Orleans. He was on voluntary TDY from our company to the 1st Aviation BN when he was KIA. The mission he went on where he lost his life was a volunteer mission to extract Special Forces troops that were pinned down. This man was older and more mature than most of the guys in the 630th. He was our friend and mentor. I think of you often, Lee. I am with you in spirit.
Tuesday, January 11, 2000

Earl Broussard of the 2281st AHC adopted Lee Joseph Boudreaux and obtained the informaton shown here.

For additional details on the Special Operations Mission please see WO Daniel Sulander's memorial page.



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