Junko, Allen L.  (Al)   co-pilot  Patsye

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Guntersville, AL  35976
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Major Al Junko Assumes command from Major Griffin

Major Al Junko, CMDR, Don Jutz, XO & 1st SGT J. B. Cooley. 
Change of command, 1967


L-R  Mike Feely, 1st Sgt Shortman, Phillip Kragenta, Ben Sharrow,  Maj. AL Junko CMDR & UNK
Beach party Sept. 1967

Al Junko & "A Train" Dryden** a member of the
Tuskegee Airman in WWII

Then, Major Al Junko, Intruder 6, Feb. 67 - Sept 67, Now retired
and living in Westland, MI with his wife Pat. 

**A. Train  was the leader of the Tuskegee P-51 Red Tails in Italy.    At their reunion in 2002 They had a P-51C from the "Commemorative" (formerly "Confederate") Air Force flown in.  His "A-Train" moniker goes back to his growing up with Duke Ellington in Harlem.  They would take the A-Train to Brooklyn.  The Duke had a hit record called "Take the A-Train" and the name stuck to Dryden.  Upon returning to the States in S. Carolina, Dryden found some German prisoners had more freedom of movement than the black pilots, enabling them to go where the black American pilots couldn't.  Dryden got a few pilots to buzz the nearby town, ostensibly to train for tactics to destroy ground targets, i.e., water towers, trains, etc.  That excuse didn't sit well with the brass, and he was court-martialed.  The first Guilty verdict was thrown out because of technicalities.  His second trial resulted in a Guilty verdict and stuck.  He now admits that he was just "venting" and says quite proudly, "Find me another retired LTC with two general court martial convictions!")