Mayhew, Moberg & Se

John W. (Jack) Mayhew:  Then, "Intruder 6"   7/67-1/68
 & Robert J. (MO) Moberg: Then "Intruder 5" and Former "Bandit 26". 
66-67.  Now, Jack, retired army type  living in Annapolis, MD. 
MO, retired army type living in Thailand. 

Se Moberg, 1967.  Se was originally from the area around Bong Son and
was "adopted " by MO in 1967,  He lived in the Villa and went to a
school run by the Nuns.  After Mo departed he  went to live in the
Delta/Recondo Compound with SGM Darcey (deceased). However, after the
war he could not be located.  There was one report that he went back to
his village near LZ Pony.