SUBJECT: Inclosure 4, Aviation Support, to After Action Report to OPORD 10-66, Period 09

August through 05 September 66.


1. Army Aviation.


a. Army aviation support was provided by the 281st Assault Helicopter Company (-).

Maximum personnel and equipment committed in direct support of the operation at one

time was 14 officers (pilots) and 42 enlisted men, 6 trooplift helicopters and 3 armed

helicopters. The following tasks were accomplished by the 281st Assault Helicopter

Company during the operation:


                        PHASE II                   PHASE III                   TOTAL

(1) Total flying hours:                                     228.4                           257.7                           486.1

(2) Tasks flown:                                              245.0                           223.0                           468

(3) Sorties flown:                                            434                              452                              886

(4) Passengers lifted:                                       450                              517                              967

(5) Cargo Lifted (tons):                                   28.1                             31.2                              59.3

(6) Recon Teams,

Infiltrated & Exfiltrated                                  9                                 8                                    17

(7) Recondo Teams,

Infiltrated & Extracted:                                   5                                  5                                   10


b. During the operation, there were 15 extractions of recon teams under emergency

conditions. Sixteen (16) of these extractions were under direct fir from enemy within or

near the LZ. A total of 25 team members were extracted by McGuire Rig (rope slings)

and one (1) by rope ladder.


c. A total of 10 hits by enemy fire were received by the helicopters and 3 by the troop lift

helicopters. One troop lift helicopter was lost due to enemy fire in the LZ. The other

damaged helicopters were able to return to the FOB.


d. Aviation casualties:

(1) KIA: None

(2) WIA: 3

(3) MIA: None


e. Comments: During the operation, 16 teams were extracted under direct fire from the

enemy in or near the LZ. Three (3) of these extractions were made during weather

conditions that prohibited the employment of Air Force tactical air support. The only fire

support available during these extractions was the armed helicopters of the 281st Assault

Helicopter Company in support of the operation. On 2 of the 3 extractions, an additional

2 armed helicopters were borrowed from nearby US Army units. (25th Inf Div and 1st Inf

Div). The fact that armed helicopters were available and could react instantly permitted

the recovery of these teams which might otherwise have been annihilated. Suggest the

nearest aviation unit provide a light fire team (two (2) armed helicopters) to Delta on 30

minute notice.