SUBJECT: Inclosure 4, Aviation, to After Action Report to OPORD 12-66,

Period 23 Sep through 07 Oct 66.


I. Army Aviation


1. General.


a. Army aviation support was provided by the 281st Assault Helicopter Company. Maximum

personnel and equipment committed in support of the operation at one time was 14

officers (pilots), and 36 enlisted personnel, 6 troop lift helicopters and 4 armed

helicopters. The following tasks were accomplished by the 281st Helicopter Company

during the operation:

(1) Total flying hours 180

(2) Tasks flown 172

(3) Sorties flown 503

(4) Passengers lifted 528

(5) Cargo lifted (tons) 20.9

(6) Recon teams infiltrated and exfiltrated 4


b. During the operation, two recon teams were exfiltrated under emergency conditions.

c. The 281st Assault Helicopter Company (-) supported two ranger operations with

maximum effort.

d. Two Army L-19's provided radio relay (184th Aviation Company).

e. Aviation casualties:

(1) KIA None (1 L-19 pilot was killed when his aircraft crashed on take off. No enemy

action was involved.)

(2) WIA None

(3) MIA None


2. Problem areas.


a. Inadequate aviation support

(1) Discussion: The shortage of aviators within the 281st Assault Helicopter Company

and priorities for other Special Forces units preclude supporting Delta with more

than seven helicopter crews. The operation was accomplished with these crews,

however when infiltrating and exfiltrating seven man recon teams, additional aviation

support is required to provide a more safe and efficient operation. Nine helicopter

crews are desirable to provide adequate support.

(2) Recommendation: That Project Delta be given higher priority and that nine helicopter

crews be provided on each operation.





s/Philip R. Waldman


CPT Infantry

Asst S3