SUBJECT: Enclosure 4, Aviation Support, to After Action Report to OPORD 9-66, Period 15

Jul through 29 Jul 66.


1. Aviation support for this operation was provided as follows:


a. Helilift: 281st Assault Helicopter Co (-) provided helicopter support for

infiltration/exfiltration of reconnaissance teams. Statistics are as follows:

(1) Nr a/c in support - 6 slicks 3 guns

(2) Nr Personnel - 19 Off and 29 EM

(3) Nr Missions - 32

(4) Nr Passengers - 315

(5) Tons Cargo - 5.9

(6) Total Hrs Flown - 207


b. Air Radio Relay: Two L-19 aircraft were provided by direction of I FFV. Utilization of

these aircraft was limited by adverse weather conditions in the AO.


c. Forward Air Control: Provided by the attached air force element consisting of one O1E

aircraft, a air liaison officer, forward air controller, and a communications specialist with a

Mark 108 commo jeep. A total of 31 hours were flown in visual recon; no air strikes were

conducted in support of operations.


d. Reaction Force Helilift: Provided by 1st Bde, 1st Air Cav Div, Aviation Group. Lift

support for a 100 man force was on a two hour standby. On one occasion (Team 8

contact with enemy) airlift was requested for 40 personnel to standby at the Delta pad.

This airlift was in place within 25 minutes. The force, however, was not subsequently



2. All aviation support was provided in an outstanding manner.





s/F. J. Walters