ANNEX C: (Aviation Support (281st AHC) to After Action Report to OPORD 8-67.

1. Aviation support was provided by the 281st Assault Helicopter Company (-) to Detachment

B-52 (PROJECT DELTA), 5th SFGA, during the period 15 September 67 through 17 October

67. The operation was supported by 30 officers, 75 enlisted men, six UH-1D, and four UH-1C

helicopters. The operation was supported in the following manner.

a. Total Flying Hours:

UH-1D (Slicks) 589:25

UH-1C (Guns) 473:05

TOTAL: 1062:30

b. Total Night Flying Time 82:45

c. Total Tasks Flown 722

d. Total Sorties Flown 1,505

e. Number of Passengers Flown 1,857

f. Weight of Cargo Flown 106,600 lbs.

g. Number of Aircraft Hits (Enemy Fire) 9

h. Aircraft Lost by Enemy Fire 0

i. Aircraft Turned in Due to Enemy Fire 0

j. Casualties: KIA: 0 WIA: 2 MIA: 0

k. Total Recon Patrols Supported 12

l. Total Roadrunner Teams Supported 10

m. Ranger Companies Supported 5

n. Ranger Platoons Supported 3

o. CIDG (Nung Force) Supported 1

p. Medical Evacuations (Missions) 24

q. Ammunition Expended:

7.62mm 397,941

2.75in Rockets 1,063

5.56mm 680

40mm grenades 1,464

r. An additional lift capability of 5 UH-1D's was provided for the first two weeks by the

161st Assault Helicopter Company and for the remaining two weeks by the 190th Assault

Helicopter Company.

2. Problem Areas: None