ANNEX C (Aviation Support) (281st AHC) to After Action Report 9-67.

1. GENERAL: Aviation support was provided to Detachment B-52 (Project Delta), 5th Special

Forces Group (Abn) on "Operation Sultan" during the period 30 November 1967 to 25

December 1967 by the entire assets of the 281st Assault Helicopter Company. These assets

consisted of officers and enlisted men of the 281st AHC, 483d Transportation Detachment and

the 499th Signal Detachment located at three operational bases; and eleven (11) UH-1D and 4

armed UH-1C helicopters. The breakdown of personnel is as follows:

a. Personnel at the Forward Operating Base (Kontum)

(1) Officers 12

(2) Warrant Officers 39

(3) Enlisted Men 75

b. Personnel at the Forward Maintenance Base (Pleiku)

(1) Officers 1

(2) Warrant Officers 1

(3) Enlisted Men 45

c. Personnel at rear containment area (Nha Trang)

(1) Officers 2

(2) Warrant Officers 6

(3) Enlisted Men 80

2. Unit Totals

a. Total flying hours 1614.3

(1) UH-1C 478.8

(2) UH-1D 1135.5

b. Total night flying hours 124.2

c. Total tasks flown 1252

d. Total sorties flown 3237

e. Total number of passengers flown 5204

f. Weight of cargo flown 79.1

g. Number of aircraft hit by enemy fire 6

h. Number of aircraft lost due to enemy fire 2

i. Number of aircraft turned in due to enemy fire 0

j. Number of downed aircraft recovered 1

3. Casualties

a. KIA 0

b. WIA 3

c. MIA 0

d. Injured as result of aircraft being shot down 3

4. Support Totals

a. Total reconnaissance teams supported 14

b. Total Road Runner teams supported 17

c. Total Ranger Companies supported 5

d. Total Ranger Battalions supported 1

e. Total CIDG units supported 2

f. Total Mobile Strike Force supported 1

g. Total Nung Platoon supported 1

h. Total medical evacuation missions 24

5. Ammunition expended

a. 7.62mm 317,950

b. 2.75 in rockets 963

c. 40mm grenades 1,380

d. 5.56mm 0

6. Enemy casualties

a. KBA (Confirmed) 3

b. KBA (Estimated) 20

c. WBA (Confirmed) 1

d. WBA (Estimated) 42

7. Structures destroyed

a. Automatic weapons positions 4

b. Bunkers 8

c. Sampans 2