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After the passage of fifty years, we cannot expect Vietnam to look unchanged. Using google earth or maps, the places we occupied look untouched by the violence and carnage of the war. Only an occassional airfield remains visible. The airfield at Tuy Hoa remains with its aircraft bunkers, but the new terminal appears little used. Chu Lai has an international airport - Google Maps has pictures of ancient ruins nearby. The runway at Long Thanh, where your editor did his second tour, looks like a huge garden center; the rest of the base disappeared. Our corner of Nha Trang vanished beneath a green roofed complex long ago. The pavements now contain construction material storage. The main runway, se-nw, now has a median with streetlights down each side and down the median. That would discourage use, I think. The large tropo-scatter telephone antennas remain just where they were. The beaches at each major city have sprouted high rise resorts; indeed, the west end of Hon Tre island contains a huge golf resort; Google Maps even posts rates for you. If you need to look: click here to open Maps in a new window.

The 281st has had members return to look, and one who lives in the area. Click the links for the slide show and videos.
Coming soon - a collection of Ken's visit to Dalat and pics from our two other "tourists".

 Ken Smith's 2017 trip to Hanoi 
Slides - Hanoi video 1 video 2
video 3 video 4 video 5 Base Opns
Richard Voyles (more to follow)
  Nha Trang 2015 Airfield Video 2015  
Anthony Bourdain samples here
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