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This CD contain over 650 4X6 photos of the 2000 reunion in Washington DC. These pictures are of the VHPA Ceremony at the WALL, the 281st wreath laying at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers, 281st memorial ceremony at the SOA marker in Arlington National Cemetary, the party at Jack Mayhew's house and much more.

Unit Cost $5.00


This DVD was professionally produced at the 2003 Houston Reunion's Memorial service. The producer has combined footage from the service with a reading of the Missing Man Table Ceremony, interviews of association members, and Vietnam era photos into a masterpiece. No one should go without this video.

Unit Cost $5.00

Book - Name on Wall

More Than a Name on the Wall.
Written by members of the 281st AHC to memorialize our killed and missing in action.
Edited by William McDaniel McCollum.

Unit Cost $25.00 includes postage.

Book - Above the Best

Above The Best.
Written by members of the 281st AHC to remember the story, adventures, and wartime actions of the members of the 281st and the 5th SFG working together as Project Delta.
Edited by William McDaniel McCollum.

Unit Cost $25.00 includes postage.

Book - Privileges of War

Privileges of War.
Signed by the author, Thomas Ross, a former member of the 5th SFG, who tells the story of his time at an A Team and the rescue of the villagers from the "Valley of the Tigers" and NVA enslavement. Walter Cronkite described the operation and gave the episode its popular name. The 281st provided the air support and the transportation away from the village and the NVA during stormy, monsoon season weather.

Unit Cost $25.00 includes postage and the author's signature.

Book - Beep Beep

Beep!! Beep!! - God's Own Lunatics
Intruders of 1967 & 1968 & Post War Years
Col. Jack Mayhew remembers the young men who served in the 281st Assault Helicopter Company, the Army's first Special Operations Helicopter Company, attached to the 5th Special Forces Group during the Vietnam War. Following the war, the Intruders formed a very strong association of the men who flew, crewed, and maintained the unit's "Huey" helicopters.
Written with the assistance of Intruders and family members around the world.

Unit cost $15.00

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