With the ball rolling and the aid of computer technology, our group started gaining strength and decided to hitch a ride once again with VHPA in Washington DC. July 4, 2000 And what a ride it was!
The Wall was reserved for a private showing for the VHPA attendees courtesy of the National Parks Service
The FAA allowed a fly by of Vietnam era helicopters. Cheers were drowned out by the never forgotten thunder of our flying machines
Our guys once again posed for the reunion group photo
We were guests at Jack Mayhew's house for an afternoon of BBQ and socializing. The TRUE reunion happened here!
The "ultimate test" ! How many of us were still crazy enough to consume the never forgotten 33 beer shown here by Jim "MOM" Torbert
Try to keep a dry eye here ! A wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns just for the 281st.
Followed by a memorial service at Arlington Nat'l Cemetery for our guys
If those weren't enough, how about a salute for our guest of honor at diner that night at the banquet
And to top things off a march in the National 4th of July parade in the millennium year !