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Annual Reunions...

1986 St Louis 1988 San Francisco 1999 Nashville 2000 DC 2001 Las Vegas 2002 Las Vegas

2003 Houston 2004 Las Vegas 2005 St. Louis 2006 St. Louis 2007 St Louis 2008 St. Louis

Special Events:

2006 Memorial Day Observations in D.C.

2009 Monument Dedication at Airborne and Special Operations Museum

2009 St. Louis 2010 St Louis 2011 St Louis 2012 St Louis 2013 St. Louis 2014 Branson, Missouri

2015 St. Louis, Missouri 2016 Fayetteville 2017 D.C. and Arlington National Cemetery

2018 Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 2019 San Antonio, Texas 2020 New Orleans, LA -CANCELED 2021 Savannah, GA

2022 NEW ORLEANS, LA 2023 Dayton, OH Mini Reunions Mini Reunion in memory of "Mom" Torbert

Mesa Mini
Mesa, AZ. A mini where ever we meet. L-R: Paul, Gail Talley, Jay, Doris Hays and Cheryl, Frank Becker.
75 degrees and we are not missing the snow or cold weather.

Each year the 281st AHC Association holds a reunion. This annual reunion is held in conjunction with the General Membership Meeting for the Association. The men of the 281st first formed up in 1986 at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois and then again in 1988 at San Francisco, California. This first attempt at forming an association seemed to have wavered a bit, but interest was again sparked in 1998 when a small group of guys got together in Ft Worth, TX at the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association (VHPA) Reunion; they decided to make an all out effort to try again to form an organization. Temporary officers were elected, a hat passed for funds and at the next VHPA Reunion in Nashville, TN an organizational meeting was held, officers elected and the 281st AHC Association was born.

The Washington, DC meeting of the VHPA was the next reunion for the new organization. After two years with VHPA, the membership decided to hook up with the Special Operations Association (SOA) for the next two (2001 and 2002) reunions. These were held in Las Vegas. At its 2002 Reunion the membership decided to cut loose from other organizations and hold a stand alone reunion, this time in 2003 at Houston, Texas. In 2004 the Association returned to Las Vegas for a joint reunion with SOA and, until 2014, reunions were held in St Louis.

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