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2022 Reunion - NEW ORLEANS

September 18 - 22


This important reunion, at the Executive Board and General membership meetings, we noted the advancing age and infirmities of many of the members. Next year may well be the last formal reunion; after which, local gatherings of friends may be the necessity. Indeed, we mourn the passing of Jerry "Fred" Beck at his home in Wisconsin during this reunion.

True to expectations, the PT boat is no longer able to give demonstration rides. It will likely be on permanent display in the building adjacent to the Higgins Hotel.

We are grateful to the Higgins Hotel for hosting this gathering and to the museum for allowing us free cruise privileges throughout the facility. The museum is a must see.

Slide show by Dave.

group photo guys
group photo ladies

group photo 40's styles
They remembered 1940's style! Three photos above from the slide show by Dave Hartong.

program front recent dat

  PT 305 photo by a little boy peering thru the window.

program rear


ORIGINAL PAGE before the action

Bain Black plans and issues the orders for this mission.
Group accommodations are set for the Higgins Hotel, near the National WW2 Museum.
and named for the man whose boat shop built hundreds of landing craft and PT boats of plywood.

The newsletter of July, 2022 has more details.

Registration forms: (redirect to curiocollection is ok)

Click here for Registration Form in PDF format Click here for Registration Form in MS Word.

Hotel reservations can be made online at: The Higgins Hotel
Group Name: 281st Assult Helicopter Company will appear with rates on the website.

or by calling: 504-528-1941 and asking for the Group Code AHCCI

Attractions Local to the Hotel

National WW2 Museum in New Orleans

The PT boat remains parked because of the pandemic and associated costs; its availability for the reunion remains unlikely.

Let's not forget the real reason why we have these reunions - we see our brothers in arms that we haven't seen in decades and renew friendships we've built up over the years. In 2020, it will have been 54 years ago that the 281st was organized; then sent to Vietnam. Five years later the company was deactivated. In that five year plus period of time, hundreds of us spent many months doing many different jobs; each and every one of them contributing to the success of the 281st. Join us to honor our absent brothers and celebrate those accomplishments.

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