Viet Nam 1965-1970

The Airborne & Special Operations Museum
Fayetteville, NC

The 281st Assault Helicopter Company has been officially designated as the "first" US Army Special Operations Helicopter Company. This honor was comemorated with the placement of a monument at Fayetteville, NC, the home of Ft Bragg and the Special Operations Command.

The dedication ceremony for the 281st monument marker placement was held at the Airborne and Special Operations Museum (ASOM) in Fayetteville, NC on Saturday October 17, 2009. The ceremony began at 5:00PM at the monument, located at the front of the museum, and was followed by a private indoor banquet in the museum main entrance.
At the conclusion of the banquet the museum exhibit section was opened for viewing by those attending the event.

The dedication was attended by over one hundred 281st AHC, Special Forces,
B-52 Project Delta veterans, families, honored guests, and public visitors. Guest speakers were: The Honorable Anthony Chavonne, Mayor, Fayetteville, NC; CSM D.J. Taylor, US Army Special Forces (Ret); Thomas A Ross, Author and veteran of A-502, Special Forces; and Dr. Karen Heintz-Forcht, 281st AHC Assn Honorary Member. 

This was a historic once in a lifetime event for which all the veterans of the 281st Assault Helicopter Company are justifiably grateful and proud.



Following are links to photo's taken at the ceremony and at the Fayetteville Holiday Inn Bordeaux on Friday thru Sunday  before and after the dedication event.

Cramer Gallimore

Brian Paine
281st AHC

Fred Mentzer
Frankie Esquilin
281st AHC