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Commo Section ...

The 281st AHC Assn publishes a quarterly newsletter, past issues are provided for your convenience.  The Newsletters are Adobe® PDF files, view them with free Acrobat Reader® software available by clicking on the following link. Once you have downloaded and installed Acrobat Reader® on your computer, click the NEWSLETTERS link and then click on a newsletter.


The latest newsletter is now posted.

The Newsletters can be viewed by clicking on the link provided below:


To receive the 281st AHC Assn Newsletter via email, please contact Dean Roesner:


Email Networks ...

The 281st AHC Association has established two e-mail networks for the members. These lists are serviced through list-servers provided by Groups.io and Yahoo!.  These "Networks" allow members to post messages to everyone by addressing their message to the net rather than 50-100 separate email address.  The two nets were developed to allow Official communications on the Headquarters Net and to use the CHAT Net for just normal chit chat and banter between the members.  The CHAT Net will have a fairly large volume of traffic on a daily basis, the HQ Net will have less traffic.  We ask that you restrict the usage of the HQ Net to information that is pertinent to all members of the Association, i.e., no forwarded jokes, etc.  The CHAT Net is about like some of the VHF frequencies we used in Vietnam or maybe like the conversations that went on in the Hangar or Clubs while drinking your favorite beverage.  Warning: Almost anything goes on the Chat Net, as long as it complies with the server's Terms Of Service (TOS). Send pictures and tell war stories or just BS.

To subscribe to the HQ Net send a request message to:


To subscribe to the CHAT Net simply address an email message to:


The message needs no content or subject line, just click on one of the above links and your message will be addressed and sent to the proper recipient.  You will receive a reply from Brent Gourley asking you to indentify yourself so that we can assure that you were a former member of the 281st AHC or associated units.

Internet Communications Policy Guidelines:

The policy guidelines established for messages that can be approved for the the "HQ Net" are listed

  1. 281st AHC Association Business
  2. Information about an individual member's status: sickness/death of a member or family member; any personal contact changes (email and etc.)
  3. Deployment of a member or family member
  4. 281st and associated units history, to include member's stories of missions or operations
  5. Information about units adopted or supported by the Association
  6. VA news or information generated by any reliable source
  7. Miscellaneous articles/pictures, and etc. concerning veterans in general

Messages to be specifically excluded are:

  1. Messages containing statements with a religious or political agenda
  2. Forwarded email, chain email, etc.
  3. Jokes

Appeal of any message not approved for posting by the HQ net moderator should be directed to the 281st AHC Association President, and not debated on the net.

These guidelines will be effective immediately, and give the 281st AHC Association a framework within which the HQ net can operate efficiently and effectively, and provide direction for any future moderators.