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Annual Unit History...

A Unit History Supplement was recorded every year by the Unit Historian.  The position of Unit Historian was an "Additional Duty" given to an officer.  This position would, as the name implies, be performed in addition to the officer's normal duty.  The Company Commander made such appointments.  

We have been able to assemble all of the Annual History Supplements for the 281st AHC.  Supplements for the 145th ALP, the 6th ALP have been and are still difficult to find.  We are still in the hunt and if you have any of these documents, please contact us.  To ensure accurate and completely factual information, we are providing copies of the original documents on the website.  The original documents have been preserved in Adobe Acrobat format and can be viewed by selecting the appropriate link below.  Some of the files are quite large and may take a few minutes to load.  Once the Adobe files are opened it may be necessary to use your browser back arrow to go back to the this page.

6th Aviation Platoon (Airlift) 1964 Unit History was prepared by


The 1965 and 1966 History Supplements were prepared by staff at HQ, 10th Combat Aviation Battalion.


The 1967 281st AHC Annual History Supplement was prepared by CPT Seymor Schwartz.


The 1968 281st AHC Annual History Supplement was prepared by CPT David Dosker.


The 1969 281st AHC Annual History Supplement was prepared by WO Douglas Jones.


The 1970 281st AHC Annual History Supplement was prepared by CWO Marc Moller.


Operational Report, Lessons Learned, 10th CAB, for the period of 1 May 1970 through 31 July 1970.

OR-LL 10th CAB

The 281st was deactivated in December of 1970.  On 15 April 1971 the 281st was reactivated in the US Army Reserve and allotted to the 4th US Army in St. Louis, Missouri.  The unit was transferred to the 5th US Army on 30 June 1971 and was deactivated on 30 September 1987 at Scott AFB, Illinois.  We have been able to obtain the 1971 Annual History Supplement, but have not been able to locate 1972-1987.


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