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Supported units...

Special Forces and Special Operations units...

Project Delta
Project Omega
Project Sigma
US Navy Seal Team
MACV-Joint Personnel Recovery Center (Bright Light)
MACV-SOG Command and Control Central DET C-5 MACV SOG
MACV-Recondo School
Civilian Irregular Defense Group (CIDG)
Luc Luong Dac Biet (LLDB-Vietnamese Special Forces)
Nha Trang Mobile Strike Force (MIKE Force)
5th SFG Det A-502

Long Range Reconnaissance units...

Company E (LRP), 20th Infantry (ABN)
Company C (Ranger), 75th Infantry (ABN) "Charlie Rangers"
MACV-Duc My Ranger School

Conventional units...

4th Infantry Division
173rd Airborne Brigade
23rd Army Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) Division
White Horse Infantry Division, Republic of Korea (ROK)
Capitol Infantry Division, ROK

Task Forces and Specialized Commands...

Task Force South
Task Force Spoiler
1st Field Force Vietnam (IFFV)
District Senior Advisor (DSA) II Corps
Nha Trang Installation Defense Command (IDC)

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