Paul Morsen's VN photos.
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281 th AHC. 1st Sgt. 1st Sgt Nikitin_edited.jpg
4 Little kids in Nha Trang-Doc Lap St._edited.jpg
5th SFG Bunkers on West Perimeter.jpg
A proud fisherman in Nha Trang.jpg
After the gunships had worked over a sectio of Nha Trang.jpg
An Elephant ride at Boun Yz Yang_edited.jpg
An old papa san at Song Cau Beach_edited.jpg
Baby & Nun at Vinh San Orphanage. Nha Trang.jpg
Bao Luc_edited.jpg
Beach Bar_Ken Glaze_Paul Morsen_unknw_unknw_unknw.jpg
Beach L-R_Glaze_Morsen_3 no ID.jpg
Bill Abbot in Germany after Nam.jpg
Boats in Nha Trang Harbor.jpg
Buddist Temple in Nha Trang.jpg
Bunker at Cam Ly Field, Dalat.jpg
Caribou at Bao Luc Air Strip.jpg
Cham Temple, Nha Trang.jpg
Cham Temple.jpg
Cham Temple_edited.jpg
Chateau in Dalat_edited.jpg
Child at Plie Me.jpg
Children at Bao Luc.jpg
Christian Bros. Monastart at Nha Trang_edited.jpg
City of Nha Trang_edited.jpg
Dawn over Nha Trang.jpg
Diem from SF Ofc Club at NT Beach.jpg
Diep from SF Ofc Club at NT Beach.jpg
Diep-Larry Surry-Diem_edited.jpg
Duc Me A-Team 3rd or 4th Relocation.jpg
Duc Me A-Team Cambodian Border.jpg
Fire Base Alcatraz W of NT above A502.jpg
Fire Base Somewhere in II Corp.jpg
Firebase was SOG pickup LZ.jpg
Fishing boat on Nha Trang River.jpg
Fishing Village at mouth of Nha Trang River.jpg
Good Samaritan Christan Hospital, Nha Trang.jpg
Herbs and peppers for sale at Nha Trang Market_edited.jpg
Horsecart at Ninh Hoa.jpg
Hot re-fuel Cheo Reo_edited.jpg
In Flight II Corp.jpg
Inside of Cham Temple, Nha Trang_edited.jpg
Island off Nha Trang from the beach.jpg
Junks on the Nha Trang River_edited.jpg
Ken Glaze and Unknown Pilot.jpg
Larry Patterson, 4 children close to fishing warfs at Nha Tr.jpg
Looking in the Cham Temple, Nha Trang, run_edited.jpg
Looking toward the Cham Temple, over the Nha Trang River.jpg
Looking West from atop thje Nha Trang Hotel.jpg
Martha Raye - Xmas 1968_edited.jpg
Me_PMorsen_69 Back n USA.jpg
Montyard Woman at Plie Me_edited.jpg
My Office, 281st Aslt. Co._edited.jpg
My Secretary, Xam, at Co. Headaquarters_edited.jpg
Nha Trang Airport and  An Tre Island.jpg
Nha Trang Bay Sunrise.jpg
Nha Trang houseboat_edited.jpg
Nha Trang, looking toward the mountains.jpg
NVA on the move West of Ban Me Thout.jpg
On the way to the fishing warfs at Nha Trang_edited.jpg
Resturant in Dalat_edited.jpg
Rice farm, West of Phu Hiep_edited.jpg
Ship in Nha Trangs South Harbor.jpg
Sidewalk vendors, Nha Trang.jpg
Spotter Bunker FB Alcatraz W of NT above A502.jpg
Ssidewalk Cafe, in Dalat_edited.jpg
Street in Bao Luc.jpg
Street in Nha Trang.jpg
Street vendor, Nha Trang.jpg
Sunrise at Camm Ranh Bay.jpg
The bar-view from restuarant, atop the Nha Trang Hotel_edite.jpg
The Cheo Rep River_edited.jpg
The Nha Trang Hotel.jpg
The Night Way_edited.jpg
The old Nha Trang Warf, with fishing boats_edited.jpg
The perimiter at Nha Trang Air Base_edited.jpg
Town Square in Dalat_edited.jpg
Trenches at Plei-Mrong_edited.jpg
Troops at Plie Me_edited.jpg
Typical stree scene in Nha Trang_edited.jpg
Unknown Village maybe West of Quin Nhon.jpg
Unloading ships at Nha Trang Docks.jpg
Viet Cong prisonors, with hands being led into Pli Me_edited.jpg
View North from Resturant, atop Nha Trang Hotel_edited.jpg
Village South of Vinh Than, I took a round out of this place.jpg
Villages close to Dom Ba  Thim, Vietnam.jpg
Villages, West pf Phu Hiep_edited.jpg