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281st AHC Monument Project ...

The 2016 Reunion at Fayetteville, NC, had the additional purpose of dedicating our memorial stone recently placed in the Ft Bragg Memory Garden. Read about the event and see more than one hundred photos in Reunion After Action Report.

At the 2008 Annual Reunion the general membership approved the funding for a monument at the Airborne and Special Operations Museum located at Fayetteville, NC.  The monument was completed and dedicated on 17 October 2009. To visit the ASOM website click the icon link below. To see the dedication page on this website click here.

 click for The Airborne and Special Operations Museum (ASOM) 


Listed below are several personal websites created and/or maintained by former members of the 281st AHC, they have information on the unit and the flight platoons.  These links will take you to a new page, to return to this page simply close the window.  If you are running a Pop-Up Blocker, you may need to disable that feature to follow these links.

rat pack
Brent Gourley's 1st Platoon "Rat Pack" website was established in 2000.
RatPack Art by Bryan Crowson

Rat Pack art by Bryan Crowson inspired by the webmaster's memories of a pencil sketch briefly hung on the platoon office door in Nha Trang.

bandit patch
Bob Mitchell's 2nd Platoon "Bandit Delta-Air" website.
Bob has joined the DAT list on December 11, 2015.
Most of his online page was lost; this Webmaster will attempt to display the fragments found on this server.
The internet archive has some material; some kept alive as bait by hackers. Be forewarned if you would search.

Paul Greiner's "Second Airlift Platoon" website.
thegeezerzone.com has gone dark.

wp patch
Fred Mentzer's 3rd Platoon "Wolf Pack" website

was established in 1998; now incorporated in this 281st site.
Click the link to go there now.


Steve Matthews' tribute page to the 281st AHC Intruders

This page has returned to the web after long absence.


Vietnam Moments, a collection of stories and pictures relating to John Galkiewicz's Vietnam experience.

Jack W. Serig, a collection of stories and pictures relating to Jack W. Serig's military service and his Vietnam experience.

A Taste of My World, a collection of poems and stories by Craig Szwed, is no longer available.

The Geezer Zone, personal website of Paul Greiner with a tribute to the 281st and the Bandits, is no longer available.


The following links are to websites of units or organizations that were closely associated with the 281st AHC during its time at Nha Trang, RVN.


Project Delta (SFOD B-52)
A very well done website that honors the men of Project Delta.
The 281st AHC was the primary Army Aviation element for Project Delta from 1966-1969.

The 281st AHC supported 5th SFG Detachment A-502 on a daily basis.
Because of this habitual support, a special bond exists between the men of both organizations even today.
Please visit the Tom Ross tribute to A-502 by clicking the link, above.

The 281st AHC has more members in the Special Operations Association than any other Assault Helicopter Company.
Please visit the Special Operations Association by clicking on the logo.

Steve Sherman has done an outstanding job of researching and archiving data relating to 5th SFG and subordinate units as well as MACV-SOG.

201st patch
The 201st Aviation Company (Corp) was located near the 281st in Nha Trang.
Visit the homepage of the "Red Barons."

Websites of other US Army Helicopter units
of the Vietnam War ...

Note: Some or all of the links below may depart the 281st website.
Some of these links below will not operate because the page no longer operates or even exists.
You may receive an "ERROR 404 PAGE NOT FOUND" or a deceptive parking page.
Be careful but enjoy.
Be Careful - Don't Click on Strange Links - Some of the below URL now go to other places!!.

Other Helicopter units of the Vietnam War...


Miscellaneous Vietnam (or not) links ...


 Useful postwar sources:

An Academic Look at the Vietnam War

Poli Sci Dept at Wellesley College with links to many others. [repaired link works again.

"Understanding a Veteran with PTSD"

Maryville University Course Description

The Vietnam Archive at Texas Tech

TTU VN Archives

NOTE: The Vietnam Web Ring has ceased operation.


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